Van den Bergh reaction (Jaundice test)

Indirect reacting bilirubin = Unconjugated bilirubin”:

Both start with vowels, so they go together: Indirect & Unconjugated.


Heme synthesis: amino acid precursors to basic unit of porphyrins, heme (pyrrole ring)

“Dracula wants to Suck a Co-ed’s blood [think heme] with his Glystening teeth!”:

Succinyl CoA and Glycine are precursor amino acids to pyrrole rings, which is the basic unit of porphyrins and heme.


Hemoglobin binding curve: causes of shift to right

CADET, face right!”:

  • CO2
  • Acid
  • 2,3-DPG (aka 2,3 BPG)
  • Exercise
  • Temperature


Porphyrias: acute intermittent porphyria symptoms

5 P’s:

  • Pain in abdomen
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Psychologial abnormalities
  • Pink urine
  • Precipitated by drugs (eg barbiturates, oral contraceptives, sulpha drugs)


Sickle cell anemia: mutation

“Hbisn’t Very Good”:

At Sixth position of HB beta chain, Valine is present instead of Glutamic acid.


Sickle cell disease pathophysiology

SICKle cell disease is due to a Substitution of the SICKsth amino acid of the B chain.


Vitamin K dependent cofactors

Several TenTo Nicely Stop Clots”:

Factor Seven, TenTwoNine.

Protein S, Protein C.


Coagulation common pathway: factors in order

10 + 5 – 2 = 13

Coagulation common pathway:

Factor to Factor to Factor II to Factor XIII


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